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Whether you are looking for stress relief after a rough week of work, school, or being a parent; you will find you feel better after a session here. The therapist really listens to your reasons for seeking a massage and with your help formulates a plan to bring you your best outcome.  Kimberly was educated and trained in New Hampshire where she owned a massage practice from 2011 to 2015, at which time she moved to the Worcester Area.  She specializes in YOU! You will find greater wellness, stress relief and find more ease in your daily movement because Kimberly is on your Health Team.

Kimberly Curtis, owner, is Massachusetts Licensed, Board Certified Massage Therapist and has practices in the Greater Worcester Area. She is known as a very caring, compassionate and knowledgeable massage therapist.

WHAT SETS THIS MASSAGE THERAPIST APART FROM OTHERS?  She truly loves what she does and she brings excellence with heart to every bodywork session.  She really listens to the client and strives to hear what they want and creates a treatment plan to help them. They feel comforted, cared about and are ensured they are in skilled hands.  The session time begins when the patient is on the massage table. Not when they walk in the door. That is not something every massage clinic offers.

Patients get relief from chronic pain, injuries, increase sports performance, reduce stress and anxiety, PTSD, and skeletal and muscular issues. Chiropractors enjoy sending their patients to Kimberly because they come back in less pain and more freedom of movement.

SERVING THE COMMUNITY: Parents and children come to Kimberly due to her vast teaching background. She is recognized due to her work with children and adults with autism, anxiety, depression and migraine headaches. It is her goal to make the patient’s goal for each appointment *number one* and to help them walk away feeling better than when they came in. Kimberly brings her very best  with the “massage tool box” of techniques that will best suit the desires and needs of each individual. Kimberly loves learning and takes continuing education classes every season in order to have more knowledge and skill for helping her massage customers.

Thank you for visiting. Kimberly looks forward to seeing you soon to discuss your health needs and how massage therapy fits your goals.

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